Skyline, the

At Skyline, our focus is set towards satisfying the needs of our customers. We value our ecosystem of manufacturing units,
which has been carefully crafted to meet any range of customer needs without sacrificing quality.

Skyline is a 'Fair Trade' certified company. Fair trade takes a portion of the profits of each product and provides it to the very hands that made the product as this greatly improves our employee's livelihood outside the workplace. Rest assured, all products are made with the utmost care to perfection.

Our Design Philosophy

At Skyline, we give the greatest importance to designing any product, as our brand provides value to our consumers in all aspects and always has something unique to offer. Our designs remain fresh and in tune with the modern trends, but also with our own touch of creativity, Our designs bring ethnicity and modernism together.

Our Capabilities, We have always been on a journey to innovate endlessly.

We have a wide array of products ranging from Bed linen to Table Linens. They include various  methods such as  stitch techniques, weave techniques, blends, washes , providing a diverse range of design capabilities. We have crafted our process flow to have the highest level of efficiency, for instance our primary market 'Bed linen' current output capability reaches up to 25000 sheet sets per month.

Our Process, we have a system that we follow to ensure that we perform at the highest level of efficiency.

Skyline currently has five facilities to meet the evolving needs of our consumers, from  prototype to  shipping. These facilities cover the entirety of the process flow, and include fabric checking, cutting stations, marking stations, the stitching wings, button checking stations, multiple levels of quality checking, and finishing sections that include trimming, folding, ironing stations, packaging, and dispatch. All the products at their various stages of manufacturing are subjected to rigorous quality testing ensuring the best quality delivery.

Safety is a priority. Skyline gives the utmost importance to employee safety and well being.

All our facilities comply with the global safety standards, well ventilated work areas and well-appointed washrooms in each floor. At Skyline we promote an environment of healthy communication  and our employees are encouraged to report their concerns  that are addressed swiftly.

The Skyline Philosophy is that our workforce is our family and we treat them as such. Awareness programs and regular training sessions are conducted to ensure that all our employees are updated on the latest happenings at their workplace. Skyline has a strict policy to ensure there is no bias or discrimination to any employee specially based on their gender.

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