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Vaccinated Workplace

We have taken the initiative to vaccinate all of our employees to ensure their safety and provide a clean and safe workspace.

Timely Delivery

At Skyline we believe in customer satisfaction and therefore timely fulfillment of orders is a priority.


Skyline Exports,  is an industry leading exporter of sustainable Home furnishings / bedding.

Our company came into being in the year 1988 where we started with the manufacturing and production of table linens and shifted to the production of Bedding  which has been a key component of our business since.

With the core value of our company being customer satisfaction, we employ creative methods and resources to provide our customers with the quality and satisfaction that is unparalleled and this clear straightforward practice has garnered our organization a foothold in the industry which has seen growth ever since.

What we do...

We as an organisation craft fresh designs and bring out the best products in the industry and produce products that are at the global standard with an emphasis on quality above all else. 

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Who we are....

We are the leading manufacturers and exporters of  bed linen to the best retail stores in the world with over 3 decades in the industry. Skyline Exports has established a wide and far reaching customer base operating over 4 continents and servicing various industries. With an established record of providing the customer with products of unrivaled quality over the years, our company has attained the recognition as an industry leader in innovation, and providing top notch quality in attention to details.

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How we Do it....

At Skyline we have a goal and a system through which we achieve the maximum results. With updated technology and a modern factory floor of a combined 70,000 Square ft,  we ensure that all aspects of a well-established process  and  quality testing for all our products are followed religiously and diligently. Utmost importance is given to safety in all our facilities, so our family of employees would have a safe and productive working environment.

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Our Mantra...

Excellence is a habit. And Excellence is what our company aims for both in the areas of customer satisfaction and in the workplace. Our organization has taken the concept of satisfaction and has applied it in both the avenues of operation. On the forefront we have customer satisfaction as the cornerstone of our business and in the back-end we have pride in providing our team with an exceptional workplace and environment of safe & efficient productivity.

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Our Legacy

Since our inception over three decades we have striven to become a leader in the industry while not sacrificing any of our core values and we continue to do so. Skyline is a certified ‘Fair Trade Factory’ by ‘Fair Trade USA’ and are the first to attain the laurel in the Textile Bed linen industry. We are also ‘GOTS’ certified and supply various organic products across the market worldwide. 

We are  Skyline.... We value providing our customers with quality and adapt to any specifications and changing needs of our customers.

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